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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Brewer’s Schedule 2021-2022


7:54-8:41          High School Band

8:45-9:32         Conference/Transition Time

9:36-10:27       Conference

10:31-11:23     6th Grade Band 1 (Woodwinds)

11:23-11:53     Lunch

11:53-12:41     7th Grade Communications Class

12:45-1:33       8th Grade Band

1:37-2:25        6th Grade Band 2 (Brass)

2:29-3:17         7th Grade Band

2:58-3:45         High School Applied Music

3:21-3:51         Advisory

Mr. Brewer and I take turns returning to high school for Applied Music Class. If we both need to be at MS, the Applied Music Class comes to MS and assists with rehearsal.



Sarah Brewer

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