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SCHEDULE/ASSIGNMENTS (required activities)


  1. Do two AR articles per week (you can find AR information on my ACCELERATED READING tab).  If you are doing paper packets, then the articles are in your packet.
  2. Do assignments posted to your English teacher’s Google Classroom.  Those will count for reading as well. These lessons are in the paper packets also.
  3. If you are in my 5th or 8th period classes, you have been doing intervention lessons with Mrs. Hazen.  She has included these lessons in the paper packets, and they are also available online (see her teacher page for details).  If you do your weekly intervention lesson for her, she will let me know, and I will enter a bonus 95 for participation in intervention for the week.  See details under my INTERVENTION tab.

Important Points about assignments: 

 The assignments posted by Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Burton on their Google Classrooms will count for reading as well.  Students need only submit assignments to their ENGLISH classes, and I will get them as well.  Whatever grade a student gets for an assignment in English, they will get the same grade for that assignment in reading. Assignment(s) for this week have been posted in the English class Google Classrooms.  Packets will go out on Mondays if students don’t have internet access or if they would rather do their work on paper.  Miss Tina will be sending out Reminds about packets, etc.

AR book tests are NOT required right now (but students can take them if they want to).  We encourage students to do at least 30 minutes of outside reading a day if possible, but this is optional . I am requiring two AR article tests per week (if students don’t have online access, articles will be in their packets. AR link and information is on my webpage under the ACCELERATED READING tab.

Epic website is NOT required for’s just a good resource. The same goes for any other webistes in my SUPPLEMENTAL READING ACTIVITIES tab or my CLASS NOVELS INFORMATION tab...they are not required, but they will give students/parents additional reading resources that they may use if they choose to do so.

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