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Accelerated Reader

This is the link to our Accelerated Reader program.  I have lifted all restrictions at this time on dates/times for tests, and I’ve lifted monitor password requirements as well, so that your child can use AR from home.  Your child can take AR tests on books they have read, and they can use AR to read short articles and take quizzes over them (we’ve done this in class, so they should know how).  Your child’s AR username is their first initial and last name (ex: cpesch) and their password is first and last initials (ex: kj).  If you run into any problems, contact me via email at

**An AR side-note—All AR book testing requirements and points requirements/competitions/etc. have been lifted at this time.  NO book tests are required right now. The only AR requirement in place at this time is that students who have reading classes must take 2 article quizzes per week.…book reading/tests are completely optional and supplemental at this point.

**You MUST use the link provided; if you just Google “Accelerated Reader,” you will end up in some other school’s AR program, and it will NOT let you log in.

**If you don’t have internet access, the two articles will be in your packet.