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4-6 through 4-10-20: Due on Monday April 13th at Noon.

Lesson C #8

Lesson D #1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

Your work for Friday is to go outside and get some fresh air, you deserve it. Send me a picture to my email ( of what ever you are doing outside.

Thank you so much for working so hard and completing your assignments!

Monday 3-30-20 (Due Tuesday 3-31-20)

Group A-Number theory  1-3   

Tuesday 3-31-20 (Due Wednesday 4-1-20)

Group A- Number Theory 4&9

Group B- Intergers  1

Wednesday 4-1-20 (Due Thursday 4-2-20)

Group B- Integers 2-4

Thursday 4-2-20 (Due Friday 4-3-20)

Group B- integers 5

Group C-Operations with integers 1&3

Friday 4-3-20 (Due Monday 4-6-20)

Group C- Operations with integers 4,6,&7

On the assignments that you are given, you have to have atleast a 70 on your smart score before you can move on. I am able to keep track of your progress.